Tool Estate Auction

Thursday – January 5, 2023  @  9:00 a.m.

Directions:  (320 N. Towns Rd.)1 mi. East of Garden City, Ks. On Hwy. 50 to Towns Rd. – ½ mi. North


Skid Steer  -  Scooter

ASV  RC-50  Skid Steer w/ Tracks

Electric Handicap Scooter

Metal Work Machines, Welders, Air Compressors, Drill Press

Piranha Press Brakes, Shears, Bending Rolls w/ Tools

Cincinnati Bickford Super Service 24” Drill Press

Luanda HP Pressure Washer on Trailer w/ Honda GX 630 Motor

Miller Trail Blazer 275 EFI Welder

Miller 225 Welder, Bobcat

RF 335 SRV Band Saw (runs for Industry)

Bench Grinder

Hyperterm Powermax 85 Plasma Cutter

Miller 350 P Wire Feed Welder

Cutting Torch

Evolutran ME 7500 Portable Magnet Drill

Airco Cutting Torch w/ Table

Lincoln CV-400 Wire Feed Welder

Hypertherm Power Max 1650 Plasma Cutter w/ Stand G# series,

Electric Pipe Threader

Big Ele. Drill,  Big Drill Bits

Powermatic Drill Press

Industrial Air Compressor w/ Honda Motor, hose Reel

Fscurtis Air Compressor w/ Honda Motor (Big), hose Reel

(2) JD 2500 Gas Generators

3 Stage Air Compressor, Honda Motor, Hose Reel

Air Compressor, Honda Motor

Shop Equipment & Tools

Big Gardner-Denver Air Compressor

Big Snap On torque Wrench (600 Lbs), TQPR600

Snap On torque Wrench (250 Lbs)

Parts Cleaning Tub

Big Pipe Threading Set

Pipe Bending Stand

Metal Shop Table on Wheels

(2) Metal Shop Tables

Big Metal Shop Table

(2) MAC Tool Cabinets

(3) Metal Tool Cabinets

Craftsman Metal Tool Cabinet

Wood Cabinets

(2) Montezuma Tool Boxes

(3) Truck Tool box

Lots of Air Impacts, ½”, 1”, 3/8”

Shop Creepers

Big End Wrenches

(3) Big Ele. Wrenches

Big Bearing Grinder

Drill Bit Sharpener Machine

Big Sockets

Metal Bin w/ Couplings, Pipe Fittings

(2) Metal Bins w/ Bolts, Pins

Metal Bin w/ Bolts, Nuts

Metal Bin w/ Key Stocks

5) Metal Bins w/ Bolts, Pins, Nuts, Screws

Pipe Rack

Grinders, Sledge Hammers,

Air Powered Tire Remover

Large Bit Sharpener

Bench Clamps

Bench Grinders

(2) Shop Benches

Chain Saw Sharpener

Large Oil Change Container

Air Powered Oil dispenser

10’ Metal & Wood Shop Rack

Saw Horses

Metal Saw Horses

Cutting Torch & Bottles

(3) Ele. Chop Saws

Gear Pullers

Hydraulic Hoses

Lots Grease Guns

Transmission Jack

Air Jack, Chain Hoist 1 ½ Ton

Wood Chop Saw

Nail Gun

Sand Blaster

8” Vise

(2) Motor Stands

8” Bowls,

Rigid Job Box

Cutting torch & Reels

Porta-Cool Shop Fan

Sioux Transfer Pump, 220 V., 3 hp

Big Shop Press

(2)Milwaukee HD Saws All

Chain Wrenches, Gear Pullers, 100+ Chains,

Fuel Transfer Pump, 110 Volt,

(5) Air Over Hyd. Jacks, (3) Bottle Jacks, (3) Floor Jacks 3 T., (3) High Lift Jacks, Semi Trailer Jacks

Sockets, Ratchets, Punches, Wrenches, Drill Bits, Wiring tools, Rasps, Pliers, Screw Drivers, , 

Allen Wrenches, ½” & ¾” Sockets, Ratchets, Break over Bars

Tire Tools, Battery Powered Grease Guns,

Impact Sockets, Several,  Sets Box End Wrenches (lots),

(3)Jumper Cables, Grinders, Hammers,

Tap & Die Sets, Craftsman Drill, Pipe Wrenches,

Lots of Big Wrenches, Chain Hoist, Ele. Wire Ends, O Ring Sets, Pry Bars,

Several Sets Micrometers, Rivet Gun, Torque Wrenches,

Metal Stands, Saws, Helmets/Visors, Big Levels, Bolt Cutters,

Lots of Boomers, Cable Come-alongs, Ratchet Straps, Big Metal Storage Stand,

Air Hose & Reel, Jack Stands, Ele. Cords, Cylinder Stops, Clamps,

Gas Cans, Battery Charger, Gas Regulators, Anvil, C- Clamps, Pallets of Hyd. Hoses

Yale Chain Hoist

Pipe Benders (hyd.)

Lots & Lots Tools Not Listed

Parts & Supplies

Ford 350 Transmission

Oil filters & Fuel Filters

Big Metal Dozer Teeth

Hydraulic Cylinders

JD Tractor Turbo’s

Trailer Bake Drums, Brake Shoes

Machinery & Trailers

18’  6x6 Toolbar w/ 2x2 Bar w/ ga. Wheels

18’ Double 2x2 Tool Bar w/ ga. Wheels

3 Pt SubSoiler

6’ x 5’ Single Axle Trailer

(2) Single Axle Flat Bed Trailers, 8’x4’

3 Pt. Ford Tractor Blade

3 Pt. Boom

3 Pt. 5’ Mower

3 Pt. Fence Wire Roller, Large

3 Pt. 6’ Chopper/ Mower

3 Pt. PTO Post Hole Digger

Big Forks for Forklift

12 V. Post Hole Digger

50 Gal. 12 V. Spray Tank

50 gal. Spray Tank, Honda Motor

Single Axle Flatbed w/ Tanks

8.5’ Single Axle Tilt Bed Trailer

34’ Flatbed Semi Trailer w/ dolly wheels

Pipe Trailer

16’ Car Trailer, 2 axels


LP Tanks 50 gal., (2) 100 ga.

Fuel Tanks for Semi

JD Tractor Rims

4 Old Roller Mills

Concrete Forms 4’ Metal, (250)

Cement Mixer Tank

Bale Fork for Skid Steer

Front End Weights for AC

Plate & Ball for Gooseneck Trailer

Lots Misc. Big Tires

(4) 710/70R42 Tires  35% Good

Several Trailer Hitches,

(4) 1,000 gal. Round Fuel Tanks

(2) 200 gal. & (1) 100 gal. Fuel Tanks

(3) 110 Gal. Tanks

Fuel Tank/Toolbox for Pickup

(2)JD Quick Hitch Cat. 3

Fire Extinguishers

100 + Sprinkler Ramps

(2) Gear heads, 100 hp

Oil Drums

Misc. Drill Stem Pipe

Trailer Ramps

6” – 12 V. Auger

Several LP bottles

 (2) I Beams

1,000 Gal. Ammonia Tank (Scrap)

(2) PTR 40’

Lots Misc. Iron

Old Hubs – Old Rims

(4) Ele. Motors, 220 V – 50 hp

Forks for quick hitch Tractor

(2) Singer Sewing Machines (old ele.)

Singer Sewing (old ele.) in Treadle Sewing Machine Cabinet

Roll Up Cover for Ford Pickup Bed

Lots Misc. Tires, Shovels, Rakes, Trailer Jacks

Mesh Fencing

100 +T Posts

Ele. Branding Irons

(2) Wheel Barrows

(3) Roller Mills (old)

7.5 Hp ele. Motor

Pickup Flat Bed (Short Box)

Wood Posts (25)

Sprinkler Pipe & Angle Iron

(6) Sprinkler Axles

¼ mi. Sprinkler Pipe

60’ Metal Rack

Lots Misc. Scrap Iron

Owner:  Bill Harmon Estate