Saturday  -  November 3 , 2018  @ 9:00 a.m.

Location:  4-H Building in Garden City, Ks. Located on the Finney Co. Fairgrounds



(The following vehicle is owned by Fi. Co. Sherriff’s Dept.)

“12 Chevy Crew Cab PU, 4x4, 5.3/V-8, Auto 114,000 mi.

Pick Up Topper (new) for 6 ½’ Bed

Furniture & Appliances

Dining  Table & 8 Chairs

China Cabinet

Marble Top Dining Table

Leather Couch  -  Large Couch

(4) Kitchen Chairs on Rollers

Swivel Rocker  -  Recliner’s

Desk  -   Wood Bench

Small Living Room Tables

Marble Top Tables  -  Twin Bed

Washer & Dryer  -  Small Deep Freeze

Guns & Ammunition

Springfield Armory Soft Assault Rifle (46”)

Polish Carbine Rd Receiver Cal. 7.62x54R

Russian Rifle M-91-30 Rd Receiver #KN8109 Cal. 7.62x54R


Finnish Heavy B. Hex Receiver Mosin-Nagant #42433 Cal.


Colt Commander Semi-Auto Pistol, 45 ACP Accurized

      #BS70121. 5 mags

Ruger Mini14, Cal. 223 #180-45184, 6 mags,

Bull Pup Synthetic Stock for Minin 14 .223

Imbel HAI FAL cal., 308 Win # 120128, 5 Mags, w/ Suit Scope

Springfield Armory MIA National Match  Stainless Steel,

        Synthetic Stock,  #123624, 4 Mags, w/ BSA Scope, 7.62


Winchester Mod. 70 Classic Cal. 375 H&H Mag # G294072

        Stainless, Synthetic Stock, Leupold Scope

New Synthetic Stock for Rd. Receiver Mosin-Nagant

Black Cowboy Belt & Holster, Large Bore S.A.

(3) 440 Rd. Tins Russian 7.62x54R mil Surplas

20 Rd. Boxes Commercial 7.62x54R

20 Rd. Boxes Russian 9mm Luger Pistol Ammo

100 Rd. Belt 50 Cal BMG Ammo

Remanufactored by Talon, New Powder, Primers

20 Rd. Boxes Factory , 308 Win 7.62x51 Ammo

50 Rd. Boxes New 45 ACP Ammo

50 Rd. Boxes New 9mm Luger Ammo

30 Rd. (31) Boxes PMP 5.56x45 S. Africa

1 Box 50 Rds, 44 Special new

2 Mil. Metal Boxes 7.62 Nato India 500 ea. Surplue

1 Case (1000 Rds) Cavim 7.62x51 Nato

Antique & Collectible

Hoosier Cabinet  -  Gentleman’s Dresser

Oak Chamber Pot - Tin Decorative Kids Table & 2 Chairs

Tiered Shelf Unit  -  Chiffarobe (needs work)

China Cupboard  - Wood Chair w/ Tapestery Back

RD. Table (need work)  -  Kid’s Wicker Rocking Chair

Kid’s Metal Iron Board & Ele. Iron

Several Dolls (Barbie mostly)  -  Doll Furniture

# “Love Doll” Angel w/ Cert.  -  Copper/Brass Items

Black Porcelain Vase, Cat, Squirral, & Stork

Ant. Kitchen Appliances  -  Record Albums

Several Co-op Belt Buckles

Shop & Yard

(Most of the tools are new never used)

(4) Chrome Tool Boxes

New Portland Electric Pole Saw

Socket Sets  -  Wrench Sets

Screw Driver Sets  -  Multi-Task Tools

Avery Jack  -  Old JD Tractor Manuals


Table Lamps

 “Holiday Splendor” Dishes

Snow Village Houses (several)

Christmas Decorations

Dried & Silk Flower Arranging Items

Kitchen & Household Items  -  Glassware

Several unopened Boxes


Owner:  Shirley Klotz Living Estate